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Brisbane Sailmaker Shade Sails are manufactured with stainless steel cable, double lock stitched into the perimeter. This cable is swaged to a stainless steel D or O ring located at each corner. 2 Sails over Deck
The D/O rings are then attached to the posts orSail Fixed to Roof fixing points using 316 stainless steel turnbuckles. 

Every corner is reinforced with a gusset and seat belt webbing strap attached to the stainless steel ring. This ensures maximum stability once your Sail is installed. 

The key to the Post Supporting 4 Shade Sailssuccess of our Shade Sails is the careful balancing of the stainless steel cable which then allows the Fabric to be fully tensioned. 

It is worth noting that the commonly available Hardware Sails are only available with a cloth edge and the fixing points must conform to the Sail, which is "Cart before Horse". Rather, the only professional way to install a Shade Sail is to carefully select and install fixing points to a built structure, install posts into the ground, and then custom manufacture the Sail precisely to suit theseMetal Corner on Vinyl Shade Sail coordinates. 

The Hardware Store Sail's cloth edge and cheap fabric inevitably results in a completely useless purchase.  Remember, it is the STAINLESS STEEL CABLE EDGE that gives our Sail its structural stability and this is the most important single feature in the manufacture of a Shade Sail.

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