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Shade Sail InstallationInstalling an 18m long Vinyl Sail

No matter what construction style your Home or Business Premises may be, we can find a fixing point to secure a Shade Sail, eg. for brick walls, custom made steel plates are used. If you have a tiled or metal roof we can fix to your roof joists & trusses. Our approach to the strength of our fixing points remains of the highest priority. Custom made steel posts, columns and brackets are routinely manufactured to solve all fixing problems. 

Vinyl Sail InstalledThere are numerous ways to install Sails, enough to say that we adhere to established and recognized procedures, and all our installation work is covered by Workmanship and Manufacturer's Warranty. Each Area Owner Operator is QBSA licensed, and will supply and install your Sail in the most professional possible manner. Over 17 years experience in the Shade Industry is your guarantee. 

Shade Sail ManufactureDk Green Shade Sail on Factory Floor

Our Sails are fully tensioned using turnbuckles and are carefully measured to exactly span each fixing point, creating a very professional appearance. We use stainless steel rigging and heavy duty lock stitch using marine grade thread. All Sails are custom made at our Salisbury Factory.


Shade Sail Repairs
Damaged Green Shade Sail
Whether your Sail is damaged, or is just showing signs of wear and tear, a wash, repair and re-stitch will restore your Sail to almost as new condition at less than half the price of a new Sail.

 Repaired Shade Cover ReinstalledBecause Shade Sail fabric is HDPE... High Density Polyethylene with a life expectancy of up to 50 years, recycling your old Sail is absolutely the right thing to do, not only for the environment, but also your wallet.  For a fraction of the price of a new Shade Sail, you can have your old Sail looking brand new again.

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 18m long Vinyl Shade Sail

Green Shade Sails at Pony Club

Posts are part of the artistic design of this Carpark Shade Sail

Cranked Post with Vinyl Sail

Sail with Cutout for Ventilation Pipe
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